I fuck my son in law

16 Feb 2023

I fuck my son in law

I'm Sandra, 46 years old, 1.81m tall and I have blue eyes and full C cup tits.
I had lost my interest in sex because of my husband's illness. At first I thought I was getting used to it and it wasn't too bad, but after a few years I got the need for it. I secretly bought dildos and vibrators, but I soon got tired of them. My husband doesn't know that I have that and want to keep it that way too. Now I spend a lot of time on the computer looking at all the dirty sites. I'm looking for them with big erect cocks and I can't get enough of them. Every moment of the day that I'm free, I'll look and finger myself a few times a day. But I still crave a real hot meat stick in my pussy. But I don't want to cheat on my husband, he can't help it either. In the beginning he did finger me and eat a little pussy, but then I wanted to continue but there was nothing, yes a weak case, where he sometimes rubbed my cut and my clit. But my orgasms weren't as strong as before.

It's been half a year now since it happened. I have a 19 year old daughter and when she's fucking with her boyfriend, I get so horny and want to jump on him. When I get the chance I try to listen at the door and come oh so often right with them. I really stand on the landing with my whole hand in my cunt getting ready. Now I've seen his cock, but not really stiff and that's what I craved. If I could just see him stiff, then I'd be satisfied. I started with the two of us to test him a bit, see how far I could get him. Stan is a nice boy, sturdy and not too big. If he was in front of me he could push it right in without us having to bend our legs

We get along well and he knows I like him. We talk again and I tried to go in the direction of sex , and I showed myself in front of him so that he could see my tits well . He looked , but had seen that so many times that he couldn't do it . While talking I showed him more of my thighs and he could see my little panties . But I pretended not to notice. I was just talking about how they had such a good time ahead of them and my time was up. Come on, he said, mom (that's what he called me), don't be so weird, you're young and you can still make something out of it.
Yes boy, but half of my fun in life has fallen away. You mean sex with Richard? Yes, that's all, I'm only 46 and miss that very much.
I will also have a nice turn sometime. Mom there are so many resources. Yes, but something beats a real one.
If he is only ten cm, then I am already satisfied. He took pity on me and I took advantage of it . I would like to see a real stiff cock again, seems so horny to me. I noticed he picked up on it and I quickly said . Stan, my daughter is not allowed to know, that you don't talk about that, you are the only one I tell, so shut up. Yes of course mom, I swear to you and he got up and hugged me and gave me a few kisses on my cheek.
I felt myself glow and the tingling jumped through my stomach.

He still held me like that and whispered sweet nothings to me . I looked at him and with downcast eyes I asked him: "Stan, can I see yours?" He let go of my shock and looked at me in surprise. What do you mean, my stiff cock? Yes, I nodded, I'd love to, just once! Then I'm happy again. Yes, but he's not stiff now and your daughter is. If he knows. Stan, this stays between us, even the old man can't know, just a little secret between son-in-law and mother-in-law. But I had already lowered my hand to his crotch while nagging me and something grew very quickly there.
He sputtered a bit, but his cock really wasn't, his pants were tight and I pulled him against me and pressed my lower body against his crotch.
I pretended not to notice and I said, come on, I'll make it stiff if you don't mind. My hand slid between his waistband and I felt the beginning of his cock . A very thick bud with a good stem attached to it. I had to dig a little to get into his panties and he still held me tight. It worked and I felt his hot head in my palm, I floated with horniness and my pussy leaked into my panties. I could tell from his embrace that he liked it. Gently I unbuttoned his pants and I now had more room and I also pushed his panties down a bit . I couldn't help feeling under my skirt with my other hand. My panties were so wet, the horn was in my crotch and it actually felt dirty and slippery. My hand under the horny I grabbed his cock and it slid right through my hand. He didn't notice, but I now knew that my horn was on his cock and that made me so horny. I tugged at his pants and wanted that fat cock out of his pants. I pulled him into the kitchen and i

I stood with my butt against the counter. He kissed me wilder now and his tongue slipped into my mouth and we had a tongue fight. He now kicked his pants off himself and with his other hand he put my panties under. His hand slid through my cut and he felt how wet I was. Ohhh, what a nice wet pussy you have. Yes I stammered, it's been so long since anyone touched it. His fingers slid into my pussy, and with the first finger sliding I actually climbed on his hand. I know I got things mixed up, but I actually wanted everything at once. He fingered me wonderfully and my orgasm poured out like the tap was on. I shook and shook and hoped it wouldn't stop. How I came, from all those years my pussy was running out. I was still making jerks on his cock and it was gleaming with tension. This is the cock my daughter is fucking and now he's going to fuck me with it and not so sparingly

He didn't have to eat me out, I want to get fucked, that's the main thing. Feel that end cock deep in my cunt and preferably squirt . Big globs of cum in my cum demanding mature cunt. I gently lifted my skirt in the front and he had put my slip to the side just like that and I aimed his club against my mound of venus . I moved so that I felt his head against my clit.
We entwined each other and with his cock against my clit I found the way with loose hands to push it into my pussy. That should be easy because it was a slippery mess there. A little twisting of my ass and I could feel him opening my slice, if it wasn't already open. Stan pressed now too and his head continued to find its way and I felt for a moment that he passed my cave. Ohhh, what a wonderful feeling that thick thing between my horny wet thick lips. He was right in front of it and that had its advantages that I was a bit taller . I'll let it in when I want it in, first come on that button like that. Well it didn't take much. About three times I heard strange noises, crackling and sloshing again.
Yes Stannn, I…. come…mmm. My clit bulged out from between my labia and with every touch I jumped up like a feather, that horny thing of mine was super sensitive. Now I heard Ron say something for the first time .
Mom, can I put it in, I'm so horny, I want in that nice wet pussy of yours. Yes Stan, that's good but be careful, it's been a long time since there was anything in it. He also didn't know about my tools. His head sought my warm wet cave, and without using our hands I felt it slide into my pussy. Excruciatingly slow, he pushed it further. Before the show, I said. ouch, ouch, but it went with ease.

His head reached my uterus and I pulled back a little, he had to clean it up first, then he can go in with his sack too, I was so horny.
With my legs squeezed tightly together I held his cock in my cunt. So he was a lot tighter with every stroke he took. He had to squeeze to get it through my gash and then deep into my cunt. He was panting, it looked like a dog, he was kneading my breasts with both hands under my shirt. My nipples stood stiffly forward. I couldn't say anything anymore and I completely surrendered to that delicious pleasure down there in my pussy. I don't remember how many times I had come, but it may have been all day, I was far from satisfied. Imagine if he regrets it later. No, now and now is also a lot of fucking, I don't care who knows anymore. I want to get fucked, that's all.
Suddenly I was shocked, I heard Stan making strange noises and with a bang red head he was pumping wildly into me. Ohhhh mom, I'm going to spray your horny pussy full, I'm coming....m, can it go in. Yes boy, go on nice and deep in my pussy that warm seed.
His body jerked and with great force I felt his seed clumping against my uterus. That's a while back that wonderful feeling of that warm cum in my pussy.

I could cry with joy. His jerks became smaller and he pressed it deep again and with both hands around my buttocks we stood nailed together. We made love some more and I felt his cock slacken and fall out of my smooth gash. I quickly shoved a washcloth between my legs that was lying on the counter. The cum flowed in and I wanted to lick it up. We had to recover for a while and then we agreed that it was a one-off. But after a month he started to get horny with me again and he now fucks me as often as possible and I think it's fine. My pussy glows when he touches it. We have been doing this for half a year now and we will continue.