Mature Els and her sneaky ways of seduction

16 Feb 2023

Mature Els and her sneaky ways of seduction

I am a Middle Eastern man in his 30's. And my truth based story is about a beautiful mature woman who is now around 63 named Els.

It was the summer of 2004 when I came to live with an old buddy and his parents, for about 4 months, because I didn't have a house yet. And it was at the suggestion of his mother Els. Els was and still is a beautiful woman.

When I moved in with her I thought it was all nice and nice at first and didn't have any feelings for her until I ran into her naked more often. When I wanted to walk into the bathroom, she was half naked in the bath. Once she was sunbathing naked in the garden when everyone had left and pretended not to understand me, in the sense of "Come and see my naked bosom, because there is no one anyway". I didn't go into it until she walked down the stairs in a sexy street orchestra costume with horny tights underneath, in a short skirt, when I went upstairs. Then I slowly started kicking her. And that went on for a while.

At one point I only thought about Els. I put her before the girls who liked me. At one point it turned to grabbing her panties, jerking them and cumming. She had really become a fetish for me.

I often sprayed her clean and dirty bras, tights, and panties. And I think she noticed it too. Only she never said anything about it, because she knew and still knows that she is secretly a nymphomaniac.

At one point she was on vacation with her family, unaware that I already had a copy of her and her then-husband's bedroom door key, the door of which she had locked. Maybe she didn't want me to soil all her underwear.
So I once had a German girl come and fucked her in Els' pantyhose, just to have the feeling that I was having sex with Els, and not with her. But she was very nice. And when Els was back from vacation, I hoped she would discover her broken pantyhose. But I had never heard about that.

At the weekend, after they had already returned from vacation, she and her husband came home quite drunk at night. Her husband was already sound asleep, while she walked through the landing to the bathroom in her horny, brown tights with one of those swimsuit corsets on top.
I walked down from the attic room when our eyes met and then I followed her pretty horny into the bathroom. That's the place where I had eaten her through her pantyhose and had finished blowing her off. After that I never heard her talk about it, except from throwing sneaky, willing glances at me.

I had called her a few months ago and talked about it. And she was embarrassed. That was my story about Els, the beautiful, mature bookkeeper and mother of an old friend.